Fairly Good Practices


“Maybe we would be better off if we developed a list of ‘fairly good’ practices...”
- Jim Highsmith




There is almost nothing to say about Big Visible Charts that hasn't already been said over and over again. What words can't begin to describe is how big of a difference they make. About the best way I can describe how valuable they are is that we're running out of wall space and it feels natural.

The main use for BVCs is what tasks we're working on. We'll write tasks on Post It Easel pads or we'll print tasks off on sheets of paper and tape them to a wall. At a glance we all know the status of a project. We know what's coded, what's verified, and what's to come.

Whiteboards definately have their place in this. We use regular whiteboards, rolling whiteboards, whiteboard walls, and if we could scrounge one, I'd love to add an electonic whiteboard to the area.

Combining the Post It Easel pads with regular post it notes makes it easy to handle everything from timelines to staffing. The ability to shuffle names around various projects with everyone involved contributing and able to see the big picture really makes a difference.